Choosing the right school

Choosing the right school - The Babysitting Group

Choosing the right school for our little ones can be daunting for us all, whether its our first born or last, it doesn't seem to get any easier. Sleepless nights and endless worrying is just the start of it all. So, how do we know if we chose the right school? We attend open days years before we needn't worry and then frantically rush to meet the deadline for applying. Our stress levels by this point are already through the roof, yet we pull through (of course we pull through, we are mothers, its what we do).

Application complete, we think its all over. Success! The months go by and nobody seems to give it another thought. It's out of our hands now, but not for long. That little date we purposely pushed to the back of our heads starts to creep closer and closer. What if we do not get our first choice? or second? Or even worse, my child may have no school at all. Home schooling starts to become a serious option (I've seen many mothers considering this over the past few weeks on social media), mind mapping lesson ideas and creative techniques to encourage home learning whilst we are unloading the dishwasher becomes the norm. The world has gone mad, at least us mums anyway.

With result day just around the corner our anxiety is out of control and schools are all we can think about, on the school run, during coffee morning and at the gym, they just will not budge. We wake up on results day and immediately check our phone for THAT email. You know which one. Nothing. Oh my god, my child has no school. I am going to die. After a few breathing exercises and our usual scroll down our favourite social media page we soon realise that results aren't sent out until 5pm! That is just cruel. Seriously, could we suffer anymore?

We go about our usual daily tasks waiting for 5 o'clock. Some mothers are getting their results early, where are ours we wonder? The email finally arrives and the results are nothing to worry about - 1st or 2nd choice being the common result. What a load of fuss for nothing.

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